For over a decade, Insley & Race, LLC has successfully defended transportation clients in the most catastrophic of cases. We're not only familiar with the unique laws and regulations governing the operation of small, medium and large commercial vehicles, but our extensive medical-related litigation experience means we're uniquely positioned to investigate
accident scenes, interview witnesses, locate and preserve evidence and digest complicated medical injuries and conditions.

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Streetwise and seasoned.

From cases involving everything from operator negligence, driver fatigue and punitive damages to intentional misconduct and negligent entrustment, we've been there – and we'll be there -- impeccably prepared to achieve early resolution or to provide a formidable defense at trial.

Our firm can offer this level of service because we have decades of experience. Decades of experience means we have the legal judgment transportation clients need when their rights are threatened throughout the state of Georgia.

Experienced legal judgment means we can help you understand how Georgia law will apply to your particular circumstances. It also means we can help you understand the practical impact upon your case depending on where your case is being heard and by whom.

Insley & Race: Aggressively Defending The Rights Of The Transportation Industry

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