At Insley & Race, we know that more than just your license is at risk when you face a challenge to your certification. Your livelihood is at stake. Your family's well-being is at risk. Your entire future is in doubt and your past achievements are called into question.

Let us help you work to save your career. Call us to schedule a confidential initial consultation: 404-876-9818.

We Fight To Save Your License

Insley & Race provides the vigorous defense these hearings demand. While professional disciplinary and licensing hearings used to be more collaborative, this is simply no longer the case. Today's hearings are as adversarial as a full lawsuit. We will provide you with the deliberately structured legal defense you need in this situation.

Insley & Race offers years of experience counseling real estate agents, brokers, insurance agents, architects, engineers and our legal colleagues, whose hard earned professional reputations are under assault.

We can help you in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Civil Lawsuits alleging Professional Malpractice
  • Professional and Ethical Board Matters
  • Post-incident Investigations and Analysis
  • Error and Omissions Claims
  • Risk Management Consulting, Analysis and Corrective Actions

Our legal judgment in these matters is informed by decades of experience spent representing clients, large and small, in bet-the-business level disputes. As a result, you can be confident that the guidance you receive in and out of the courtroom will serve your needs in even the most high-pressure licensing disputes.

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Insley & Race offers confidential initial consultations. Call to schedule yours: 404-876-9818. Potential clients can also reach our firm online.