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Businesses, insurance companies, government entities and individuals that face litigation need a law firm that understands their challenges and can meet those challenges with aggressive representation. Clients deserve to feel that their needs are being met and that they are being treated with respect and integrity.

At the law firm of Insley and Race, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia, our lawyers like to take control of cases and personally move them towards positive results. We do not let cases sit around for months without any attention or action. We drive cases along in a manner that is timely, efficient and effective.

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We Drive Success

Founded in 1998, our attorneys have decades of experience providing liability insurance, medical malpractice, employment and government defense services. We serve clients throughout the state as well as nationwide companies who are facing litigation in Georgia.

For our clients, we know that achieving positive results from litigation is not only desired, but is expected. At Insley and Race, we have built a strong track record for living up to client expectations on a consistent basis.

What Sets Us Apart

What also sets us apart as a firm, however, is the customer service that we provide to the individuals, businesses and government entities that we represent. We are timely in our reporting, return phone calls promptly and go the extra mile for clients.

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